• Ben Harper

    Ben Harper

    Instruments: Vocals, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

    Weissenborn Teardrop (circa 1930s)
    Two Style 4 (1925 and 1927) Weissenborns
    Martin Model M38 Acoustic
    Martin 00-18 Acoustic
    2004 and Custom 2005 National Reso-Phonic Model D Western squareneck
    2005 Martin HD-28VE
    Vintage Gibson J-50
    Asher Ben Harper lap-steel
    1956 Gibson Les Paul Special

    Birthplace: Claremont, CA
  • Jason Mozersky

    Jason Mozersky

    Instruments: Lead Guitars

    1969 Park 75
    1970 Highwatt Custom 100
    Bogner 4x12 Speaker Head

    1966 Fender 12-string
    2000 Fender Nocaster with Charlie Christian neck pickup
    2008 Gold Telecaster Custom
    2000 Les Paul 1959 Sunburst Reissue
    2009 Frost Blue Firebird V
    2000 SG 61 Reissue

    Klon Centaur
    TS-9 Ibinez Turbo Tube Screamer
    Fulltone Ultimate Octave
    Dunlop Hendrix Fuzzface
    Budda Wah Pedeal
    Electro Harmonix Memory Man

    Toured, performed and/or recorded with:

    Ringo Starr, Pearl Jam, Dixie Chicks, Jackson Browne, John Paul Jones, Eddie Vedder, Charlie Musselwhite, Natalie Maines, Rickie Lee Jones, Wan Santo Condo, O:A

  • Jesse Ingalls

    Jesse Ingalls

    Instruments: Bass, Keys

    Equipment Coming Soon!

    Toured, performed and/or recorded with:

    Oliver Future

  • Jordan Richardson

    Jordan Richardson

    Instruments: Drums

    C & C Custom (Cardwell & Cardwell):
    14"x26" Maple Kick Drum
    14x10 Maple Rack Tom
    16x16 Maple Floor Tom
    18x18 Maple Floor Tom

    6 1/2 x 14 Aluminum "Ducco" Snare
    8x14 Maple Snare

    (Custom Champagne Paint & White Marine Pearl Finish with Wood Hoops on both kits)
    Vic Firth 55A Series Sticks

    Sabian Cymbals:
    21" Legacy Ride
    20" Legacy Ride
    21" Signature Fierce Ride
    22" Legacy Heavy Ride
    18" Evolution Ozone Crash
    15" Vault Hi Hats

    Yamaha Hardware
    Pearl Kick Pedal
    Remo Heads

    Toured, performed and/or recorded with:

    Oliver Future