05.07.15 Warm up show for the upcoming tour?

by russdudeman

Wondering if there might be a warmup show for the upcoming tour in hopefully the LA area? Keeping fingers crossed.

04.17.15 Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite Magic City Blues Fest "All that Matters Now"

by marsstarr32446

Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite Magic City Blues Fest "All that Matters Now"

This song really touched me at my core at the Magic City Blues fest...It was a beautiful super moonlit night and the music was so relaxing yet it hit a couple of really difficult times in my life, "being blown by the wind" in a 60MPH windstorm 11 mos. earlier that I was still recovering from (I had contusions and bruised bones) and "nearly drowned in the rain" by 2005/2006 FEMA disaster #1628 (I lost everything) yet I had come out on the other side and my life was back "together" even though I was in a wheelchair traveling there from CA...the song was so moving I was drawn from sitting at the sound booth to the stage where I could really see and hear where this music was coming from. I remember watching and listening and looking up at the moon and the beautiful gigantic trees and the wind sculptures and having this overwhelming sense of peace and knowing on a core level that everything was going to be alright and I had finally come out on the other side "together" and it was all that mattered in the moment. more»

04.16.15 No Tickets

by evabill23365

No Tickets

I am 70 years old. I am a grandmother who loves you. Traveled to Kansas City, MO a few years back to see you. My two sons, one daughter-in-law, and five granddaughters accompanied me. We all enjoyed you. Wonderful concert. Heard you were going to be there again this year. During preparations to buy tickets, book hotel and process all related travel plans, I received an e-mail saying that you would actually perform in St. Louis, on June 11. Imagine my ecstasy! Not to be. I went on line that day to purchase tickets and they had already sold out all seats. Does not seem fair to me.

I still bought standing room only, General Admission, for my youngest son and his twenty year old daughter. They will attend your concert, at the Pageant, on June 11th. I can not stand that long. I am still willing to pay for a ticket, but now they have skyrocketed out of a reasonable price range for me.

Just wanted to complain. I still love you and your music. You are a genius with a social touch.

Eva M. Clark