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Demonstrators opposed to the Ben Harper concert will protest the Board of Aldermen
The event is scheduled for next Saturday but does not have any environmental permit
A group of 20 members of civil organizations should extend to the Capital City Council on Tuesday, 19h, to protest against holding the concert of Ben Harper in Praia do Campeche. The presentation is scheduled for Saturday, June 5, but does not have any environmental permit for its realization.
The location should be performed Skol Beach Music was chosen through a vote by the Internet, where and Praia do Campeche, on the southern island of Santa Catarina, won with almost 200 000 votes.
- It is not the Brazil we have to vote for the show is done in Campeche, who has to opine about it is the community that lives here. Why nobody ever approached us to talk about it? Should have been done a public hearing to discuss this - argues the president of the Residents Association of Campeche (Amoco), Athaíde Silva.
He said he has nothing against the show itself, but the Campeche Beach has no structure to hold an event of this size.
- The party can harm vegetation, mobility and security Riozinho - he said.
Also on Tuesday, demonstrators intend to meet with the secretary of tourism in Florianopolis, Márcio de Souza, to discuss the matter.
Environmental Permit
Monday saw the first meeting between the organizers and the Municipal Environment (Flores), responsible for licensing. An environmental control plan was submitted by the superintendent of Skol Floram, Gerson Basso.
In the document, set the fence to protect the Permanent Preservation Areas (APP), which are beachfront, and at the venue, a particular terrain. In addition, provision of toilets and parking lots.
According to Basso, it will be seen mainly on the issue of environmental impact. For now, the idea was discarded on the beach screens. The prediction is that the granting of licenses to be set up until Thursday.
- We are working with technicians to make the decision. The show is wonderful for the city, but the site is that it's appropriate - Gerson said Basso.
Late Notice
The Municipal Secretary of Environment and Urban Development, José Carlos Rauen, said the official of the show was filed in the office only on Thursday afternoon, 27 days, and that the minimum legal to have an analysis on the feasibility of the event is 15 days.
- If the organization of Skol Music does not move, do not authorize the show. We have nothing settled yet. Even the event being done in a particular field, the city has laws that must be obeyed - clarifies.
The Municipal Secretary of Tourism, Márcio de Souza, also emphasized that there was no prior contact with the city.
- I was not prepared to coordinate an event of this magnitude before Carnival, but I'll take control of the event for the good of the city - says Souza.
According to the secretary of the folder transport, João Batista Nunes, there is the intention to provide more buses to the site. The 4th Military Police Battalion in Florianópolis, commanded by Lt. Col. Newton Ramlow, also has schemes programmed for the show. The Military Police State Road (PMRv) said the same.


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