11.26.09 I Will Not Be Broken

by Beagle015

Ben & the R7 at Sydney football Stadium were awesome. Man , Eddie Vedder got it right when he said Ben Harper voice of an angel plays guitar like the devil. I need to know where to get audio of " I Will Not Be Broken " the live sound of Ben's voice and that song were remarkable. That song must be released........... Awesome show guys. One note though Ben I don't know if you feel the heat or not but it was 40 degrees in the shade and you had on jeans and a long sleeve flannel shirt dude you must have been melting up there . Thanks so much for a great show and hope you release that song soon........


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Audio Bootlegs of Ben&R7 (as well as PJ and Liam Finn) for the last few shows of the tour are available here: http://bootsnallnz.blogspot.com/