03.25.10 Jim Marshall Passing...

by bh24

jim marshall single-handedly defined rock photography forever.
he was a dear friend of mine.
the world just became less interesting and exciting.

meet you in the next world jim, i'll try not to be late.

-ben harper


621536569@facebook's picture

I Lost a talented amazing friend just recently as well. It makes the world have a whole different feel. Like the light has changed. It would be great to catch up with them later wouldn't it....?

Ben, Its been a while since we have crossed paths....the view from this ocean front property is still brilliant and will always be bright enough to make me smile and bring the past close.....*

1816257616@facebook's picture

I'm so sorry. Looking at the preview the pic doesn't match the feeling -just know it's true- I KNOW this 'type' of pain. I'm so sorry.