09.30.09 R7 Health Show

by Big B

I'd love to see Ben Harper & Relentless7 headline a rally/tour/show that promotes health care for everyone.

My guess is that Sheryl Crow, Eddie Vedder, Jack Johnson - people like this - all care about seeing everyone in the United States of America covered with medical insurance. I'm sure that they care about EVERYONE.

The music world needs to voice their opinion about this. The people will lead... but they need to be heard. And, the musicians need to be their voice.

Call it the Health Show. Get out and do it! I'll be there!


neltron3030's picture

It would definitely be an interesting proposition. I just don't see how a tour like this could actually help the government pass any sort of legislation they would need to mandate universal healthcare.

That being said, it would be a good show I imagine.

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The show/tour would be a large gathering of people that are proponents of universal health care or at least a public option.

It would show that there's public support FOR actual reform that helps people.

Overwhelming public support sways public policy. Look at what the other side did - town halls, tea baggers, etc.

A music show/rally would raise some eyebrows...