07.04.10 Luxemburg

by Duccer

Really looking forward to seeing you guys play this evening in Lux! About to leave on my 300 km trip to the concert!! c y'all there!!


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Hi Ben
I don't know whether you ever look at the fans'posts - however I'd like to say a few things and it seems like the best way.
I heard you first in London, then in Nijmegen, Berlin and at Opener Festival - with my husband we were following PJ on their tour
My husband and I we were both really impressed - by the music, performance etc. We named you THE KING OF HARD ROCK BLUES and so you are to us. You are a living proof that rock will be for ever a source of inspiration and that the great rock is a fertile soil!
I am not so much into the new music (like hot chip or crystal castles and such like)- and it was such a relief to hear you.
We spent the week end surfing the net looking for your recordings and I decided to register on your website

We also loved your softer side - skin thin, better way, sexual healing - very much so :)

We were very much disappointed when we checked out the line up at Lisbon and saw that you wont be there :(
We can't wait till we see you again - I hope you will come back to Poland very soon or at least somewhere near like Berlin Wuhlheide or Prague...

today I have written to my favourite DJ on Polish Radio 3 recommending your music...I said that it's absolute shame and disgrace that a musician of your calibre has never been played... (I have not done this ever before :)I hope that it will change soon

Take care & all the best

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man.... what a show, what an energy... what an audience, tx
Ben, Tx R7, Tx Luxemburg!

'the guy in the grey shirt' (I think)