05.28.10 Santa Cruz Blues Fest Request!!! No Body's Fault but Mine.

by epsilion

Hey Ben, I know you like doing your own thing but as a fan I would love to hear you play "No Body's Fault but mine" from the please bleed single. yes i know your library deep, and thought that was a most excellent blues festival song and awesome to have recorded.

maybe jimi's "remember" too? :) :) :)

see you saturday


SOLAT319's picture

Santa Cruz Blues Festival performance was OFF THE HOOK!! They set that stage on FIRE!
The festival has a stupid rule of not standing up if you're in the "seated gold circle" area right in front of the stage. I got up and started dancing while Taj Mahal was on stage and get this: SECURITY PERSON CAME OVER AND TOLD ME TO SIT DOWN! I actually couldn't believe my ears. I was like are you fucking serious??? By the time Relentless7 was on stage though, we were all on our feet dancing like crazy, so security just had to stand back and suck it up.