05.19.12 Upcoming show at Merriam Theatre Phila (Wed Oct 3, 2012)

by Howie

Calling all fans of Ben....

My wife (Maggie) and I (Howie) are coming to the show in Philadelphia on Oct. 3rd 2012. We got married 2 weeks prior to this date 8 years ago and will be attending the show as an anniversary gift to each other. Our wedding song was "forever" off the Welcome to the Cruel World album.

My wife and I are always trying to find the perfect gift for each other...it's a bit of a friendly competition. She knows we are going to the show, but I am trying to kick it up a notch or two. Here is where the fun starts - I want to ask Ben and the band if there is any way that they could help out a guy trying to impress a girl (in this case his wife). It would blow her mind if we could meet Ben (and snag an autograph) and/or have him add Forever to the set list (and possibly dedicate the song from me to her) and/or anything else they would be willing to do. I don't think this could ever be topped and she would be so, unbelievably excited...Ben is amazing and this song means a lot to both of us.

I am asking all "fans of Ben" and anyone who has every tried to do anything crazy to help me start a campaign to reach Ben and convince him that this would be a great idea. Thanks in advance to anyone who joins my campaign and thanks in advance to Ben for anything they are willing to do....even if it is just reading this blog and responding (I can always print that out to show her how crazy I was to try and find something unique).

Wish me LUCK!!! The campaign begins today and that gives us 4.5 months to get as many people on board as possible.



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