06.16.13 Fistful of Mercy update from Joseph Arthur

by kevin

Fistful of Mercy update from Joseph Arthur

According to Joseph Arthur, Fistful of Mercy have recorded one song & hope to record a full album. Here are the quotes from Joseph & links to the full interviews:


Fistful of Mercy, meanwhile, also has plans. "We've been in the studio and recorded one more track recently," featuring Jim Keltner on drums and Gillian Welch on bass. "We [FOM] are going to try to make a record I think, hopefully. I want to. it's hard to get all of us together in the same city in the same schedule ready to go because everybody is so busy. but the vibe is good for us to do that."


Then with Ben and Dhani it’s more focused on us singing harmonies together, mostly acoustic but with harmony. It became more about singing, being in a singing group.

Do you think you guys will record again?

Oh for sure. I’ve been texting with Ben today. We’re definitely going to do something. We cut a new track for Fistful Of Mercy but we haven’t figured out when we all can get in the studio again to finish up a new album but we’re definitely going to do something.


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