07.29.10 Listen to Ben Harper & INXS - 'Never Tear Us Apart'

by kevin

Listen to Ben Harper & INXS - 'Never Tear Us Apart'

You can listen to 'Never Tear Us Apart' by INXS featuring Ben Harper here:




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Here is another video I just came across:

Ben Harper joins INXS for a heart wrenching performance of Never Tear Us Apart... Band Interviews and footage from recording studios.


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Here is a video of an excellent live performance of the song:

Ben Harper performing "Never Tear Us Apart" with Jon Farriss on drums at Splendour In The Grass in Woodfordia, Queensland AUSTRALIA 30/7/2010:


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According to this article the single will be released worldwide on August 6th:


Music Magic Created when Ben Harper and INXS collide at Splendour in the Grass

When Ben Harper invited Jon Farriss onstage last Friday night at Splendour in the Grass everyone knew that music magic was about to be created. The pair belted out an extended and spine tingling rendition of ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ at the end of Harper’s set. The powerful song has long been an anthemic tribute to the INXS and Michael Hutchence but took on a whole new meaning with this reinterpretation at the Queensland music festival.
“Ben is giving everything he’s got and he’s putting his stamp on it…By the time we got to that second verse, every time I had tears in my eyes”, Jon Farriss said of the star moment.

August 6th 2010 will see the worldwide release of this stunning rendition by man of the moment Ben Harper, “Covering Never Tear Us Apart is like covering Dock of the Bay. I am not here to make grandiose statements – it’s just a fucking fact – that’s one of the greatest soul songs ever written”, the artist said.

The single will be part of a collectection of INXS covers by contemporary bands.Famous singers from Australia and overseas will be contributing to the back catalogue of hits, including tracks by Rob Thomas [MatchBox 20,] Pat Monahan [Train] and Perth band Eskimo Joe. Farriss is the executive producer and the rumour is, the album might hit the shops before the end of the year.

Hit-making creative powerhouse INXS defined the music of their time over and paved the way for many more Australian artists overseas. The band sold well over 30 million records, produced multiple No. 1 records and singles, hundreds of GOLD and Platinum albums, along with a swag of industry awards world-wide including ARIA and APRAs. One of only two Australian bands to play to a heaving crowd of 75,000 people at Wembley, it comes as no surprise that contemporary musicians such as Ben Harper hold the band in iconic esteem.


Article by Estelle Pigott

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Thanks Kevin for finding the article. I will keep watching for the release. This should be an amazing album if Ben's single is any indication of the rest of the covers.

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Thank you for the link! LOVE IT! Can this be bought or is it "on hold" until the INXS album is released? This is the perfect INXS song for Ben, just perfect =)

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Two worlds collide as INXS hit gets the Harper touch
Iain Shedden From: The Australian July 30, 2010 12:00AM

IT'S a song that remains one of the defining anthems of INXS and singer Michael Hutchence.
But the Australian band's classic Never Tear Us Apart is to have a second life, this time with the voice of American roots/rock star Ben Harper.

Harper, the headline act tonight at the Splendour in the Grass rock festival in Woodford, Queensland, has recorded a new, symphonic version of the song, along with the remaining members of INXS.

Harper revealed yesterday that he was convinced to do a version of the song before he was approached to do it with INXS.

While in Australia supporting Pearl Jam last year, he and his band were discussing covering one of INXS's songs when Never Tear Us Apart came on the radio.

"We all said: 'That's the one'," Harper recalled yesterday in Brisbane, sitting alongside INXS drummer Jon Farriss.

The recording is part of a larger project put together by the band, with famous singers from Australia and overseas reworking some of the best-known material from the INXS catalogue.

"The songs are produced in a way that no singer can walk away from," said Harper yesterday. "I heard Never Tear Us Apart with the band and a symphony orchestra. That's a singer's dream."

Farriss is the executive producer of what could become an album before the year is out.

Also taking part are Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20, Train's singer, Pat Monahan, English rock/hip-hop star Tricky and Kav Temperley from Perth band Eskimo Joe.

"May the best singer win," said Harper, jokingly, perhaps inadvertently referring to Rock Star: INXS, the television talent quest that produced Canadian frontman JD Fortune in 2005. The Canadian singer left the group last year but recently rejoined as a guest vocalist.

Farriss said the new album project was ongoing. "There's a common thread among, not just INXS, but the artists we've contacted and who have contacted us," he said.

"We all like the songs. When we think we have it done, more opportunities keep opening up. It's become a lot bigger than we expected."

Since Hutchence's death in 1997, the remaining five members of INXS -- Andrew, Jon and Tim Farriss, Kirk Pengilly and Garry Gary Beers -- have continued with a number of guest singers, including Jon Stevens, Terence Trent D'Arby and Fortune.

Harper said he was considering playing a version of Never Tear Us Apart as part of his closing set at Splendour. This year's festival, which ends on Sunday, also features The Strokes, the Pixies, Florence and the Machine and Scissor Sisters among the overseas artists, as well as Australia's hottest rock act, the Temper Trap.

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Kevin! you done it again bro. Thank you soo much. Ben that was awesome.


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Many many thanks, can't believe I missed this, fantastic!