03.14.10 New Ben Harper & Relentless7 album, 'Give Till It's Gone, due this fall, features guests Ringo Starr & Jackson Browne

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Ben Harper Grabs Ringo Starr, Jackson Browne for New Relentless7 Album
3/23/10, 4:56 pm EST

Ben Harper and Relentless7 have just finished recording their follow-up to 2009’s White Lies For Dark Times. Titled Give Till It’s Gone, the self-produced album will be out in the fall and features some high-profile guests. “Not only are we excited about the songs, but Ringo Starr is playing on one of the songs and that’s just a huge deal for us. And Jackson Browne is singing in the background of one of the songs,” Harper told a handful of media during a Canadian teleconference.

The album — which includes the songs “Still in Faith,” “Don’t Give Up On Me Now” and “I Will Not Be Broken” — was recorded at Groove Master Studios in Santa Monica, California, and still has to be mixed. “Any musician is always excited about their new record,” said Harper, “but I can say when we made the first Relentless7 record, we became a band just after we made that record and this new record, Give Till It’s Gone, is the record we made as a band. And I think you can hear and feel that.”
Relentless7 includes guitarist Jason Mozersky, drummer Jordan Richardson and bassist Jesse Ingalls, three musicians who guested on Harper’s 2006 double album, Both Sides of the Gun. He released his last album, Lifeline, with his longtime band the Innocent Criminals in 2007, then the new phase began with Relentless7. He says White Lies For Dark Times “surpassed my expectations. I had no idea what was going to happen.

“I didn’t set any goals. I just knew when I brought those guys in, to play on Both Sides of the Gun, on the song ‘Serve Your Soul,’ it was a flash moment, that I thought, ‘This group, these four individuals, have a future that we have to flush out, that we have to research.’

“I knew it then, and sure enough after I made Lifeline and did a few more tours, I was able to get back in a room with them and see what that chemistry was about,” he added. “I had originally scheduled three days in the studio with them. And after those three days I just kept the studio on hold, and we proceeded to not only finish the record, but we became a band in the process of making the record.”

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Missing the innocent criminals...Ben is hands down, my favorite artist, but some of this stuff is getting hard to listen to. (i.e. "Fistful of Mercy") Of course I can't wait to give this album a chance. We can only hope...

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Sounds like the song with Ringo Starr is going to be epic from what Ben said in this interview:


"The song on the next record, the song with Ringo [Starr], it’s nine a and a half minutes, and certain people are like ‘cut it down, you might want to cut it down, it might become a single if you cut it down and blah blah blah.’ I just wanted to let you know, I’m keeping the whole thing. There will be a nine and a half minute song on the record because I think it’s the shit and I’m proud of it."

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Yes it was

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KEVIN YOU ARE KING! OMG- The new Robert Randolph album and this news totally awesome. Gavin, Please confirm.


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We heard it from Ben himself so i'd say it's pretty well confirmed, very exciting. Nice to see some guests on the new album as well, should be very interesting, perhaps less hard rock? With the likes of Ringo Starr and Jackson Browne we may see a few more folk rock songs.

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Was it from the online chat that you heard this from Ben?