12.10.12 The Linor Documentary to feature score by Ben Harper (& closing credits song by Ben & Natalie Maines)

by kevin

The Linor Documentary to feature score by Ben Harper (& closing credits song by Ben & Natalie Maines)

Here is some information about Ben's participation in The Linor Documentary:


We’ve had two great events recently. Thank you to Santa Monica-UCLA Rape Treatment Center board member Jenny Belushi, who hosted a focus group screening in September, and to David Hoberman, who hosted one last week. In attendance at Jenny’s was Grammy winning artist Ben Harper. The Linor Documentary will mark the first feature documentary scored by Ben. We’re so honored that Ben Harper, who has been a friend and supporter of the film since the very beginning, has shared his talents with us. Additional music by Martin Tillman, and Daniel Lessner & Alessio Nanni, rounds out the beautiful soundtrack.

We were joined at David Hoberman’s by Bonnie Abaunza (RC Productions, Amnesty International) who is motivated to help us get the film out to women in crisis all over the world. Also present was Natalie Maines (pictured above, with Linor), who collaborated with Linor and Ben on the film’s original closing credits song, “Forgiveness.”



"Our final shoot was the most exciting. Linor has been embracing certain traditions of orthodox Judaism during the course of the film, one of them being that she can no longer sing in public. We had planned for her to record her song “Forgiveness” while she was here, but she told us she couldn’t sing on the recording, and asked us to help her reach out to some recording artists to sing it for her. We filmed an incredible session in Hans Zimmer’s studio with Natalie Maines and Ben Harper giving voice to Linor’s song and her message. Members of Ben’s band Relentless 7 played on the track, which will be the theme song of the film. Look for release of the single soon!"


You can find more information the film at the following links:




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