10.31.12 Sydney Morning Herald Article/Interview

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Sydney Morning Herald Article/Interview


The Sydney Morning Herald

Guitar hero

November 1, 2012

Naomi Fallon


After more than two decades in the industry, Ben Harper still credits his Australian fans with the launch of his long and illustrious career.

Ever since the American singer-songwriter's popularity soared here in the late '90s, the country has held a special place in his heart.

''It was the first English-speaking part of the world that recognised the music I made as a large group en masse,'' he says.

''I really think that spread around the world in the way that nothing else could have.''

The songwriter makes his return to Australia this month to perform his first-ever acoustic solo tour.

An Acoustic Evening With Ben Harper will take in Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney - with many shows already sold out.

The intimate gigs promise to display Harper's range of music styles from southern gospel, '70s funk, blues, reggae, to straight out rock'n'roll. more»

10.30.12 Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite - 'I Don't Believe A Word You Say' available for purchase today 10/30

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Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite - 'I Don't Believe A Word You Say' available for purchase today 10/30

Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite's new song 'I Don't Believe A Word You Say' is available for purchase today 10/30 at



& iTunes:


10.28.12 Ben Harper Interview/Article from The Dominion Post (New Zealand)

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Ben Harper Interview/Article from The Dominion Post (New Zealand)


Unplugged and electrifying


Ben Harper wants his mum. The serial collaborator, in Wellington for two acoustic shows this week, has just been co-writing with the Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines and is releasing his first blues record with Charlie Musselwhite in January.

Also on the collaboration wishlist are ''the two Pauls'': Paul Simon and Paul McCartney. But there's one collaborator he hasn't yet managed to pin down: mother Ellen Chase-Verdries.

''My mum is a great songwriter and a great guitar player and one of the best singers you'll ever hear. So I want to make a record with my mum. She and I have been threatening to do it.''

It's not surprising given the family's musical history - funk-soul brother Harper learned his love of music in his mother's parents' Folk Music Centre.

But a mother-and-son record is still a long way off. more»