10.27.12 Interview with Ben Harper from BMA Magazine (Ben mentions R&B project with Leonard Hubbard, bass player from The Roots)

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Interview with Ben Harper from BMA Magazine (Ben mentions R&B project with Leonard Hubbard, bass player from The Roots)


Canberra Australia

Date Published: Monday, 8 October 12 | Author: Greta Kite-Gilmour

Ben Harper

Being a human being isn’t an excuse for sounding ridiculous


Catching BEN HARPER on a particularly demanding morning of back-to-back interviews and associated occupational pandemonium, his cheery description of the day’s proceedings as ‘extra special’ perfectly encapsulated an unwavering optimism that tangibly interlaced each of the heartfelt and passionate words which ensued. A quality evident both lyrically and thematically within each of his 11 studio albums, his upcoming retrospective compilation, By My Side, is the first for which this positivity forms the very foundations. more»

10.26.12 Ben Harper on ESPN Lakers Podcast

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Ben Harper on ESPN Lakers Podcast

ESPN LA: Kamenetzky Bros Lakers Podkast

Kamenetzky Brothers: 10/26

Andy and Brian welcome Grammy winner and Lakers fanatic Ben Harper to discuss Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, Kobe's drive and the similarities between super-teams and super-groups.

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10.25.12 Sydney Morning Herald Article/Interview

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Sydney Morning Herald Article/Interview


Minimal to the max

Date October 26, 2012

Samuel J Fell

Ben Harper is bringing his most intriguing musical turn yet to Australia.

In the early 1990s, while most of the musical world was neck-deep in the punk-rock conformity that grunge had become, a youngster from southern California emerged with a record that began a modern roots-music revival, introducing a new generation to blues, folk, soul and reggae.

With Pleasure and Pain in 1992, Ben Harper, a happy-go-lucky twentysomething, born at the tail-end of the Swinging Sixties, tapped into something that, 20 years later, makes him a trailblazer, lauded by the Blind Boys of Alabama, Jack Johnson and Charlie Musselwhite, among others.

''It seems like, about, 20 hours at the most,'' Harper smiles when asked if it seems as though it's been 20 years since he began this epic journey. ''I tell you what, I'm a lot fitter now than I was then, I'm getting my Benjamin Button on. But it went quick, I tell you that much. If the next 20 goes as quick as the first 20, I gotta hang on.'' more»