11.18.10 Ben Harper featured on upcoming Ringside album

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Ringside to release Lost Days
by Jermy Leeuwis, Editor at MusicRemedy on November 18, 2010.

Hollywood indie-rock artist Ringside will be releasing their new album, Lost Days, on January 25, 2011. Although singer and songwriter Scott Thomas played most of the instruments and produced, Lost Days features appearances from an impressive list of musicians and collaborators. Ben Harper is featured on the title track "Lost Days," a somber rocker with a big chorus, and in the accompanying music video. Ozomotli contributed horns to two songs on the album, "Freedom" and "Good." In addition to Scott's own playing, Ben Harper, Kirk Hellie, and Brian Bell from Weezer also play guitar.Joey Waronker, Jim Keltner, Josh Freese, Norm Block, Sandy Chila, and Jon Pikus played drums. Esthero, Res and Graph Nobel sang backing vocals.

The album was co-produced by Balthazar Getty, who also is the beat maker for the band, adding his electronic touches to heighten, intensify, and contrast with the more traditional rock guitars. more»

11.15.10 Fistful Of Mercy Haunts Hollywood Forever (No Depression Review)

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Fistful Of Mercy Haunts Hollywood Forever (No Depression Review)


Fistful Of Mercy Haunts Hollywood Forever

Posted by CJ Gronner on November 15, 2010

Sunday night found us trekking over to Hollywood to see the beyond sold-out Fistful Of Mercy show at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery's Masonic Lodge. We parked among the gravesites and walked in the moonlight to join the extra-loooooong line waiting to get inside. And waiting ... and waiting ... so it's a good thing people REALLY wanted to see this band, as it is not usual for L.A. people to hang out late, especially on school nights. Listening to people around us made it clear that these were BIG fans ... some drove down after seeing F.O.M. play in Seattle the other night, and just had to catch them again. A whole slew of people would walk by with the "Got an extra ticket?" pitch, which no one did. After the wait stretched on and on (for no apparent good reason) I was amazed that everyone was still super polite and in high spirits - which I would attribute to the fact that they love this music, and that's the kind of fans these musicians draw. more»

11.14.10 Joseph Arthur Interviews

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Joseph Arthur Interviews


The power of three
Fistful of Mercy puts the 'super' in supergroup

By Sarah Rodman
Globe Staff / November 14, 2010 Boston Globe

The first time Joseph Arthur heard a playback of one of the songs by his new group Fistful of Mercy, he was taken aback.

“I heard the harmonies come back and I felt like, ‘Wow, this is special, this is just beyond the sum of its parts,’ ’’ he says on the phone from Los Angeles.

Considering the parts are the well-regarded singer-songwriter himself, folk-soul rocker Ben Harper, and Dhani Harrison, son of the late George Harrison, and that the trio wrote and recorded its debut, “As I Call You Down,’’ in three days, that assessment was happy surprise.

Especially since Arthur and Harrison were total strangers, meeting for the first time in the studio through mutual friend Harper. The trio play a sold-out show at the Somerville Theatre this Thursday. more»