11.10.10 CNN Interview with Fistful of Mercy

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Fistful of Mercy skates onto the music scene
By Denise Quan, CNN November 10, 2010

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Dhani Harrison cruises past the conference table on his skateboard and pops a trick in the corner of Hot Records -- the label founded by his father, the late Beatle George Harrison. A couple of minutes later, Joseph Arthur skates down the hall. Then Ben Harper walks in, a black-and-white board tucked under his arm.

So much for networking on a golf course.

The new trio Fistful of Mercy had its genesis at a Southern California skate park. Harrison, who fronts the indie band thenewno2, bumped into Harper -- then in the midst of working with his rock project, Relentless 7.

"When you're skateboarding, you don't really have time to socialize. It's more like trying not to hurt yourself," says Harrison. "We met again at Lollapalooza, and it was like, 'Oh hi, skateboard guy.' And we talked about doing some songs." more»

11.02.10 Ben Harper to play Byron Bay Bluesfest 2011 with Relentless7 & Fistful of Mercy

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Ben Harper to play Byron Bay Bluesfest 2011 with Relentless7 & Fistful of Mercy




Bluesfest and Ben Harper…..well, they go together like surf and sun. Ever since his Bluesfest debut in 1996, Ben has publicly paid tribute to the fact that his career really kicked off in Australia. And how doubly pleased are we to welcome this two-time Grammy Award winner back yet again. That’s right, doubly pleased, because in 2011 he’ll play all his wonderful hits and perform in two great bands, Ben Harper and Relentless7 and Fistful of Mercy (see more on the Fistful of Mercy bio). Ben Harper and Relentless7 lit up the world in mid 2009 with their debut album White Lies for Dark Times. It charted #9 on Billboard 200 and #17 on ARIA Albums chart. Relentless7 who helped make that chart success, are Texas musicians, guitarist Jason Mozersky, drummer Jordan Richardson and bassist Jesse Ingalls. Together they combine for an effortless and eclectic mix of blues, folk, reggae and rock music. more»

11.01.10 Ben Harper talks Lakers on ESPN Podcast

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Ben Harper talks Lakers on ESPN Podcast

ESPNLA.com welcomes Grammy winning musician and super Lakers fan Ben Harper to discuss Lakers, music and skateboarding...




PodKast: Ben Harper talks Lakers

By Brian Kamenetzky

Throw a rock in this city, and you'll likely hit a famous person claiming to be a Lakers fan. Some are legit, some not so much. Saturday afternoon on ESPNLA.com On Air, Andy and I had the pleasure of welcoming two-time Grammy winner and Claremont native Ben Harper into the studio. He's a common sight around Staples Center, and we'd heard he had a true passion for the purple and gold. Still, you never know. Or we didn't, until he described the epiphany triggering his love for the Lakers: more»