10.19.10 Relix Interview with Fistful of Mercy

by kevin

Relix Interview with Fistful of Mercy


Talkin’ Shop in the Back Room with Fistful of Mercy

Published: 2010/10/19 by Tim Donnelly

The back rooms of record stores are sacred and vanquishing. They are not hallowed because they are on the edge of extinction and for anyone who has done time in a record store will tell you, it is where the real fun takes place, where the real conservations between connoisseurs are held, it is an exclusive club for lovers, fanatics and geeks.

In the back of a Jersey strip mall store named Vintage Vinyl, is a spot where the songs and the intellectual and societal debates live on through the fading band stickers and posters that adorn the cluttered walls.

It is where the members of Fistful of Mercy, Joseph Arthur, Dhani Harrison, Ben Harper and I form a circle, and like thousands of times before, we speak in the air of record store clerks of a time gone by about the how three solo artists formed a group, not because of money but for art’s sake. more»

10.15.10 Fistful Of Mercy Album Gets A Major Launch

by kevin

Fistful Of Mercy Album Gets A Major Launch


Fistful Of Mercy Album Gets A Major Launch

FISTFUL OF MERCY – the special side project featuring BEN HARPER, JOSEPH ARTHUR AND DHANI HARRISON -- has some important "friends" helping out for the launch of their new album.
First, an eBlast about the band has been sent out to the entire BEATLES database of over 84 million people, giving them information about the project and a taste of the music.

Second, STARBUCKS is poised to launch its brand-new STARBUCKS DIGITAL NETWORK tied-in with its website and Wi-Fi network of over 6,700 locations. This new lifestyle/social network initiative will spotlight music, among other things, and FISTFUL OF MERCY has been chosen as the inaugural music act that they are using to launch the network. Everyone who logs in to STARBUCKS’ site or their nationwide Wi-Fi system will be given a main-page offer to get two FISTFUL OF MERCY tracks and a video.
More about the STARBUCKS DIGITAL NETWORK will be revealed next week when it launches.

The song "Father’s Son" from the "As I Call You Down" album is already climbing the charts at Triple A radio.

10.05.10 Fistful of Mercy Articles

by kevin

Fistful of Mercy Articles


Ben Harper, Dhani Harrison and Joseph Arthur Bring Fistful of Mercy to Sirius

Published: 2010/10/05
by Abigail Bull

Ben Harper, Dhani Harrison and Joseph Arthur Bring Fistful of Mercy to SiriusFistful of Mercy is the product of a strengthening friendship between three musicians. Ben Harper, Dhani Harrison and Joseph Arthur’s acoustic outfit—whose debut album As I Call You Down drops today on Hot Records—features a lot of laughs, (“I’ve just been in hysterics since I’ve started,” Harrison says), a passion for vocal harmonies (Harper was raised on The Carter Family, The Blind Boys of Alabama and The Byrds) and a growing bond that traces back to skate parks and rank bathrooms.
The trio got together with violinist/muse Jessy Greene—most recently of Foo Fighters fame—at the Sirius Studio in New York last night to play a few songs from the new record as part of The Spectrum— a broadcast that will air this Saturday. more»