09.01.10 Fistful of Mercy Biography

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Fistful of Mercy Biography


Fistful of Mercy Biography

Joseph Arthur (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Organ) / Ben Harper (Vocals, Guitar) /

Dhani Harrison (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass)

As I Call You Down

There’s a song called “With Whom You Belong” on Fistful of Mercy’s debut album

that sums up the simple, but affecting sentiment behind As I Call You Down — a

nine-song collaboration among musicians Joseph Arthur, Ben Harper, and Dhani

Harrison. A stellar tune that plays out between heartily strummed acoustic guitars

and exquisite three-part harmonies, “With Whom You Belong” is about friendship,

and, fittingly, it closes out the album. “While we were making the record, we all

became good friends,” Arthur says. “The album is the culmination of those


Spend time around these three and their easy camaraderie is readily

apparent. They banter like brothers and finish each other’s sentences. The album

they’ve made together under the moniker Fistful of Mercy is shot through with

that engaging chemistry. Deeply melodic and willfully groovy (thanks, in part, to more»

08.31.10 Fistful of Mercy - As I Call You Down *Album Cover*

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Fistful of Mercy - As I Call You Down *Album Cover*

08.26.10 Meet Fistful of Mercy: Harper, Arthur and Harrison (Rolling Stone Article)

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Meet Fistful of Mercy: Harper, Arthur and Harrison

By Austin Scaggs
Aug 26, 2010 12:02 PM EDT

In February, when Ben Harper, Joseph Arthur and Dhani Harrison arrived at the Carriage House studio in Los Angeles’ Silverlake neighborhood, they had three days booked and zero songs to record. “I thought I was going there to add some guitars or harmonies on Joseph’s album,” says Harrison, who was invited to the session by Harper, whom he befriended at a skate park in Santa Monica. “When I got to the studio, I saw Joe and asked, ‘What songs are we going to do?’ He said we hadn’t written them yet.” After three long days, the trio had recorded the nine acoustic tracks that make up As I Call You Down — and called themselves Fistful of Mercy, after the track of the same name. “I never thought we’d pull off an entire album, [I thought] maybe we’d get an EP,” says Harper, who credits Arthur as the catalyst who pushed for three songs a day. “The three of us were able to create something we never could have done on our own.” more»