05.04.14 New Zealand Herald Interview

by kevin

New Zealand Herald Interview

Here's the link to an interview with Ben & Ellen from The New Zealand Herald:


04.28.14 Ben & Ellen Harper Radio Interviews

by kevin

Ben & Ellen Harper Radio Interviews

Here are 3 recent radio interviews with Ben & his mother, Ellen discussing 'Childhood Home':

Roots 'n All 4/28 from Triple J in Australia (interview starts at about the 1hr & 32 min mark & several songs from the album are played throughout the program)

Here's the link to the full playlist: http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/roots/playlist/default.htm

& here's the link to listen to the program:



Radio New Zealand National Music 4/26

You can find the interview here:



Woman's Hour from BBC Radio 4 (Interview starts at about the 51 min mark followed by part of a beatiful live performance of 'Learn It All Again Tomorrow'):


04.21.14 G. Love & Special Sauce album 'Sugar' featuring Ben available 4/22

by kevin

G. Love & Special Sauce album 'Sugar' featuring Ben available 4/22

G. Love & Special Sauce have a new album titled 'Sugar', available 4/22, that features vocals from Ben on the track 'Nothing Else Quite Like Home'. The album is available here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sugar/id830183314 , here: http://www.amazon.com/Sugar-digital-booklet-Special-Sauce/dp/B00ISFY4KG/... , & here: http://philadelphonic.com/

Here are some quotes from G. Love about Ben's contribution to the track:

"...I added my vocals and got a helping hand from two of my favorite singers – Ben Harper, who just brought the chorus to another level, and Marc Broussard, who added some nice backgrounds."

from: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/videos/g-love-and-special-sauce-reunit...

"We also had Ben Harper and Marc Broussard on “Nothing Quite Like Home.”... I called up Marc and he took a stab at it. Then I dragged Ben to the studio and he did his thing. I was really happy to get those guys on that track."

from: http://blog.noisetrade.com/2014/04/interview-with-g-love-special-sauce-2...