05.26.12 A “papale papale” Letter from your most loyal Italian Fan, Venice

by Matt90

A “papale papale” Letter from your most loyal Italian Fan, Venice.

Dear Ben,
My name is Matthew, I’m 22, and I’m a musician not for profession.
I try to send you this email hoping that you will read it, or someone else do it for you.
“papale papale” in southern Italy means: saying something for what it is without going around it.
I’m coming to your live in Piazzola Sul Brenta in July 20. The question is: is it possible for me to visit your sound check from an hidden side without give you any impediment? It’s absurd that we are friends on Facebook but I’ve never had the chance to shake the hand of my idol.

I love playing guitar and singing, in particular I feel your songs and your words as I wrote it and when I play it in pubs or clubs or party people get always crazy. You should be proud man!! :)
Also when I play my songs people says that my voice and melodies are influenced by Ben Harper style and I answer: Sure, I play every day songs written by that Californian cat, C’mon man
I got all your albums, dvds, and I joined your concerts in Villafranca (VR) 2008, HJF (VE), Villafranca 2011 (VR). I also have the tickets from the new live in Piazzola Sul Brenta 20/07/2012.

If you will let me to join the sound check it will be like a Loyalty Bonus. 

Hope you answer.



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