10.12.09 Back from the road

by moderator

just dropping a quick line to say to hi to everyone i ran into on the Pearl Jam / Relentless7 tour. this could have been one of the best tours ever. for real!

anyway i got good footage from the shows, and we're planning on dropping some really cool stuff on the site to shake things up a bit.

i picked up a nasty cold bug on the road, so i am keeping this short. talk to you soon.



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I Love what you have done with the site!!!!
The depth really captures Ben and all of his accomplishments.
Nicely done and thanks!!

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Awesome Gavin! It would be great to see some footage from the tour.

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Looking forward to it!

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I am in love with Relentless7! I will be waiting for them to come back from Ozland and play another show.

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wish I could have been at one of the shows, it took everything I had not use my free southwest flight and free couch in Portland to stay home and take care of a pregnant wife......