10.02.09 New R7 photos on tour with Pearl Jam

by moderator

New R7 photos on tour with Pearl Jam

So you guys probably noticed that our Photo Gallery is back online. Weeee!

One of the biggest improvements over galleries past is the new interactivity. You can build a list of favorites, leave comments, and rate the photos.

I just uploaded a bunch of shots from the past few shows with Pearl Jam courtesy our nightly photographer, Melissa Nicholson. (She's also the merch girl.) There's a pretty sick one of Ben and Eddie doing "Indifference."

Speaking of Pearl Jam, "Backspacer" is badass.



justdave's picture

Yes, Gavin Backspacer is badass, but Ben and the men are freakin' AwEsOmE!!! So glad that the PJ crew enlisted the talents of R7 to start the shows.

Camboshaft's picture

Hell Yea, Lots of new content for me to search while flying out West tomrrow to catch R7 with Pearl Jam!!!

Diamonds's picture

Thanks for getting everything up and running Gavin!

And yes, "Backspacer" is very badass!