04.02.11 Revisit Ben's albums at BHRA- Ben Harper's Relentless Army forum

by mojoecanadian

In anticipation of Give Till It's Gone we've started an interesting little discussion over at Ben Harper's unofficial forum, BEN HARPER'S RELENTLESS ARMY.

We are revisiting all of Ben's studio albums in chronological order and offering up our personal thoughts and breakdowns. Right now we're still getting submissions for Welcome to the Cruel World, and soon we'll be starting a new thread for Fight For Your Mind.

We now have 61 active members and almost 700 posts!!! This is the place to be to discuss everything related to Ben Harper, his music, his activism, his tours, tape trading, and more. Come join the discussion today!


06.04.10 Unofficial Forums UPDATE!

by mojoecanadian

Unofficial Forums UPDATE!

We've been up and running over at Ben Harper's Relentless Army for a while now and things are going pretty well. We have 31 active members and over 200 posts to the forums.

The only thing that can make the forum even better is YOU! We need more Ben Harper, Innocent Criminal, and Relentless7 fans to register with the forum because more members = more activity.

The forums are a great place to ask questions, get answers, give answers, offer opinions, trade tapes and generally shoot the breeze with other fans about anything you want.

Hope you come and visit us soon and register as a member of Ben Harper's Relentless Army.


-Mojo the Moderator (of BHRA)

  • http://bhra.forumandco.com/
  • 04.08.10 NEW Unofficial Forums

    by mojoecanadian

    NEW Unofficial Forums

    In the unfortunate absence of the "forums" section of benharper.com, I've created an unofficial forum for us to meet, discuss and share. Please visit http://bhra.forumandco.com and join! After you've joined, invite every BH, BHIC and BHR7 fan you know. Then, start posting new topics so we can start filing the new site with content.

    "We've all got stardust in our bones."