11.30.12 I miss The Innocent Criminals !

by RomVignal

I miss The Innocent Criminals !

First, I would like to apologize for my English...
I saw Ben Harper 6 times in the last 12 years. He is my favorite artist, I love his music. It his part of my everyday life.
I respect very much Ben's choices but I have to tell that I miss very much The Innocent Criminals. Every live they made together were such pieces of jewels... The feeling between them was incredible.
I saw 3 times Ben and R7, and I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed by the energy. Ben is always amazing but now I just see Ben… I used to thrill a lot watching Juan, Leon, Oliver… with R7 it is really not the same feeling, the guitarist seems not to be really there, even sometimes playing wrong notes.
I was hoping that Ben will be recording the new album with Charlie Musselwhite and The Innocent criminals but apparently tha’s not the case.
Is it definitively over ? Anybody knows if he will record a new album with the innocent criminals?

Last time I saw Ben was on Oct 1st 2012 in MOntreal. (An acoustic evening with Ben Harper), it was awesome. I had wait this acoustic live for the last 10 years !


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So Much !!!! , I miss too , i agree at all .

R7 is a different experience to Ben , i understand , a different project , is very cool too !!! , but ....

I saw live in Brazil in 2007 Ben Harper with IC , and i saw him live in 2011 with R7 , what can i say ???

With R7 is so cool !!! , but is one more very good show ; with Innocent Criminals , is magical , is the one , is the show , they are different for sure , they are perfect musicians , with a perfect artist Ben Harper ; Leon , Oliver , Yates , Michael ward , and like ben says : - Thera are bass palyers , and there is Juan Nelson .

Happy new year Romain .

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Thanks Rodrigo:) Just saw your comment!!:) It's good to read that I 'm notthe only one who think that!