11.24.09 I Will Not Be Broken - First Taste

by rove

R7 have been treating Australian audiences with a brand new song called 'I Will Not Be Broken'. I got to hear this song a few nights ago in Sydney and it's really quite something, I think it's somewhat reminiscent of 'Fly One Time' however Ben's vocals really soar, something we didn't see a whole lot of in the latest album. Follow the link for an audience sample of this new song:


Ben Harper - I Will Not Be Broken

November 17, 2009
Adelaide Oval

Shot from about 35 metres back, in the middle. Supporting Pearl Jam.


SOLAT319's picture

I can't wait for the new album.
I participated in Headphone Fridays tonight and let me tell you: I AM ELATED! The guys were so friendly and very talkative. I loved talking to each one of them. Can't wait to see them on Apr 16. They promised that they would play THE WORD SUICIDE for me. my nick was SOLAT319 there. I loved Ben since 1997. When he formed this band, I was just beside myself. From the first note that I heard at the Catalyst, I just fell in love with R7. Such a brilliant and talented group of people making beautiful soulful rock'n roll! What's not to love.

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Amazing song! Saw it last night, and was blown away. Can't wait till a recording is out

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yeah its a great song and so is the other new one "Rock and Roll is free if you want it" cant wait till there available would love a bootleg of an australian show or maybe a dvd of live at the sydney opera house


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I LUUUV ROCK'N ROLL IS FREE IF YOU WANT IT! Was lucky to see it live for a few times during the US tour and absolutely blew my mind. Can't wait for the new album and I really hope we get to see them live again soon!