11.21.12 Love Each-uddah

by sam adams

Love Each-uddah


SO- today I figured out why your name is Kaleohano in the Mayan Series. You been Kaleo since I started writing in 2007- Kaleohano, a name meaning the voice (of) authority and respect,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqF5AvERMNg&feature=related Iz so Hannnn-suuuummmmm.

I have this tricked out company that the governors office of economic development is into. Nice huh. 6 years later. Iz the REAL DEAL. Pearl Harbor. Thought we were trying HELP people. Native wilderness experience will raise funds to educate us to their ways. How long they need to be called savage before we realize we need them? DUH. 100's of years later.

Have you ever been to Forest Lawn? I went there on a Sabbath morning and had THE most phenomenal spiritual experience witnessing Mr. Eaton? i think...his artisitc interpretation of Christ. And the stain glass story blew me away. Da Vinci's Last Supper was massive and when the lady was making it- Judas cracked in the fire. The rest of the apostles and picture were fine. So she had to redo it. Judas cracked 5 times. Yeah... so she said if she put it in the fire the 6th time and he broke again she was taking him out. See Jesus does have compassion on his enemies. He's still on the wall.

My daughter had balloons in her head 1999. She was born with a birthmark that made her look like a Hari Krishna. So I named her Asia Jade. It was a perfect circle on the crown of her head. I took her to like 5 Drs. during her first 6 months because it could have developed into melanoma later in life. Even the homeopathic guy suggested we get it removed while she was little. So they injected silicon balloons on both sides of her head and would pump saline into this valve under her ears about every two weeks. She was so brave...and so gorgeous. I cried more than she ever did. Her little hand touched my face while I nursed her like, "Mom no be sad...iz o- tay" So she had long dark hair in a perfect circle and the rest of her beautiful baby head was bald. By her 1st birthday she looked like Mickey Mouse. She was wobbly when she walked. We lived in this huge house in Alpine Ut with rocks all over the inside... I spent every minute playing with her, chasing her, reading to her, taking naps together. Luckily when I was pregnant with her brother I was never sick and could still nurse her. Women are amazing huh:) Her final surgery at 15 months was quick. She had like 30 staples on the back of her head. Now...I never would have guessed how grateful I am for her surgery. I love that she needed my attention 24/7. They grow up so so fast.

It's been 4 years since I have had my children for Thanksgiving. It's surprising what money and dishonesty have the ability to buy in this world. But....Not even gonna begin about how I feel about Mama Slaves having their kids ripped from their arms. Clara Brown walking town after town looking for her baby while running a laundering service so she could eat. She was 80 before she found her baby girl. She never stopped looking. And I complain when I can email and send pictures and have digital archives and blogs of their history. Guess I need to count my blessings. WHy do I come talk to you when I want to stop feeling sorry for myself. You remind me so much of Bob.

When I sit by the Saviors feet will you come say hi? Cuz after all I have seen and heard oh HELL no I am NOT leaving our Fathers side ever ever again! What did we leave Eden for in the first place.

MY heart will never ever be the same. Obviously. ya'll had to piece it back together. Thanks btw. I really am grateful to be alive and well enough to write, to sing, to drive, to learn.

God bless. Happy Holidays.


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