08.14.12 Taking the Fear Out of Life

by sam adams

Taking the Fear Out of Life

Zion- Iz someone tryin to wake me up? j/k :) Thats a great pic- 2012 has brought so much moisture to ZIon National Park which is bound to make a beautiful spring.

I heard from energy on the inside Ben's shows this tour have been out of this world. Real cowgirls appreciate the hard work of real cowboys... and his respect for family life. Seems these are the only true principles that get us everywhere we've got. Thanks for all you do...What the Navajo nation has taught me is that the true language that heals all wars and misunderstanding tribe to tribe is music.

Genuine respect & Congrats Mr Harper. I have a special request- from any who have the time to read this. We need your prayers! There is a local family who has been hit with a serious incurable disease. Dr's have not been able to find answers quite yet. And the pain of this heart issue is so sad to watch. Nothing like watching a 5 day old baby boy die. Unfortunately this affects so many others on a global scale. Maybe we'll get the answers. Hopefully.

Long time favorite for several reasons:




Really I mean no disrespect...thank you for your patience as many of us had to grow up and humble ourselves. Dyslexic, autistic, ADHD Manic, Blind Deaf, Cancer patients and so so many more forms of impaired have been blessed by the soothing waves of love ya'll pump out stage after stage.I really am grateful to be a blessed healthy mother.

This morning I woke up feeling like I was headed to my own funeral. For no reason. I've never been asked not to share...so that's why my words are focused on the needs of our people. It's one of those things like your walking out on the moon and discovering beautiful miracles of creation and for some reason you feel like the friends you once knew & wanted to share it with joined the other side with pointing fingers & mocking eyes. Or grown into financial bliss beyond the point of return. Maybe its from turning on the news or watching clips of victims in Africa. How can we live here in wealth and comfort and not find a way to give more aid more medical support- more stopping of 13 year old boys- rebels- attacking innocent families? Sometimes I speak without thinking- I ask forgiveness in advance. Give it all you've got had me confused. I have nothing left to give. And now we are sucking out the heart streams energy that is not ours to share. I watch each day as humble devoted members of towns and cities wake up, slip on shoes and head out the door to face another day. We are lucky in America to hear birds and feel sunshine instead of shots through the air and sirens and dust storms.

I will do all I can so my kids can avoid such pain. Life is so beautiful when you don't HAVE to sign autographs. Your gift as a great artist aside...Thank you for signing them with a smile. I bet it means so much to each angel heart you touch:)

There was no story without Uncle Bob. As I was listening to Soul Rebel album I knew I needed to express my thanks. "No more fussing and a fighting" logic teaches only ones who have time to read these are the same who would write had they not feared man. Zion has sacred petroglyphs or maps to us as the future generations that have images like 3 fingered aliens and calendars.... look. Here we are. A digital era where great kids are falling prey of the time suckers. To the time trackers hunting me- Please stop. Physically- when any group overpowers others...it's like the ants and grasshoppers. Our people are not equipped to put up a fight. Our grandparents and history books are all we have to defend ourselves and preserve old ways. The people with the gold seem busy making good impression and buying fancy shoes...while the little ones making the shoes and losing their fingers over it generally contract illness and get hungry belly's at night.

Patriotism changes with each election it seems. Not gonna get into it- but Dumbellz Daycare was the only way I could keep track of all the Mayans & their time travel stories...I saw artists such as Ben as characters in a book Series I am writing called "The Children of Light and Lords of Darkness- 2008-2012 Mayan- American Holy Grale Quest" Kids have to face their own gifts...and overcome the lord of darkness by using earths elements to combat. Noble warriors following the legacy of our True earth parents Adam and Eve gain an insight and can hear a heart language of pure communication. Talk with no words...

Gathering of 12 tribes? That's what I learned about when I was little. There is NO PAIN though worse than walking from God's blessings. I love my faith- not the social BS. But the truth I was raised with. I miss weed like mad- but I praise the Lord my God I have life and breath. It is better to live legally and guilt free. My 3 children are the greatest miracle and gift I have here and I know our Father in Heaven loves each of us...God bless you Brahhh.....I'll try really hard not to yell at the sky and too only cry outside so I don't have to hear man cries make me cry way worse. Whatever that means- I am a back row girl- and sneak out asap- hike to the river, kick off my shoes & cliff jump in the pool.

Rockstars and shizz.... there is a difference huh. I've noticed. Love you 4ever Like you 4always...when singing with angels- there God will be. On your side i bet not under the skin preferrably. That's only right.


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