09.13.12 Hello Benjamin Remember me?

by threestones45859

Hi there I hope this reaches you in great health and spirits! Not sure if you remember me- talked with you in Montreal after the show. I and Alexi drove 15 hours from Nova Scotia to see the show. Talked about Australia shows, New Zealand shows, The Netherlands shows, Canadian shows. You helped us out just before we parted company- much appreciated once again. So Listen seens how you have not been to Nova Scotia yet was wondering something. Show is sold out in Toronto- I am in Banff Alberta and heading out for your show on the 29- 2810.68 kms =1743.74miles. Big drive- hoping to get in What do you the chances are after a drive like this? I do hope you so someone who knows you personally can pass this on. It is the only way I could think of to somehow connect with you. If you are meant to get it you will.

Talk to you after the show.

be well



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