08.11.11 www.lanarchisme.wordpress.com

by agedios

Hello Ben, I try to join you since few times... I'm french, from the west (next to Nantes)
my purpose is to push people (incite them) to take the power, to make politic... like an authentik democraty.
I need help from famous people, artists, intellectuals, like you for exemple... (I have a project...).
I love your music, which for me inscrite herself in the hippie spirit, and the movement of contestation of this years of history.

What I want to do, precisly, is to create a "reseau", in order that, one day this "reseau" aware of himself will go down in the street and will take the power...
I want, before, make a unity of people, a unity of awarness... to fight together for the same things : protection of the environnement and the nature, and social justice !
(Two cause, two fight, is in fact one !)

I think it's the moment in the history to instaure real democraty (ies).

I think arabe revolutions are the symbol that it is possible...

...we have to reform politic adminitration (etc) and to take the power whose hold to people.

I need your help, cause you've got a big influence... Ben. more»

08.07.11 Avenches

by Julien


Hi Ben!

We met last night in Avenches after your show when you were getting to the bus. I would like to thank you very much for the time you took for me there. I was really impressed by you being so nice and natural!

In the rush, I forgot to give you my contact because I would be more than happy to have the opportunity to speak with you few more words. So if you see this message, can you leave me a way to contact you at mena.julien@gmail.com ?
It would mean the world to me to see you again whenever you come back in or around Switzerland! So many things I would like to share with you about music, guitars, life and everything!

Thanks again for all and especially for the tonebar you gave me it was so caring!


07.24.11 Looking for a roadtrip buddy for Redmond, WA and Vancouver, BC shows August 27 and August 28.

by 842324762@facebook

Hello All,
I am looking for someone who is planning to see the Redmond, WA and Vancouver, BC shows on August 27 and 28th. I live in San Francisco and plan to fly to Seattle then want to find someone who is going to be driving up to Vancouver for the Vancouver show. I will chip in for gas and all that and I thought it might be fun to do the road trip with a fellow fan. Let me know if you are interested.