06.22.11 My new unofficial Ben Harper facebook fan page. Bensday

by Cincitymike

I just wanted everyone to join my unofficial Ben Harper fan page called Bensday!
And YES everyday is BENSDAY!!!
Please look it up and "like" it. Post video, pics, anything Ben. Share stories and just have fun spreading the love.

06.20.11 alone

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06.14.11 Fez Festival Review & Pictures

by kevin

Fez Festival Review & Pictures

I found this great review & pictures of Ben's performance at the Fez Festival in Morocco:



Observations from the Medina of Fez in Morocco

Sunday, June 12, 2011
Ben Harper Closes the Fez Festival in Style

"I made it here. I made it here. Now my life can begin." - Ben Harper

For those few in the audience who had wondered how Ben Harper would fit into the spirit of a "sacred music festival" - the answer was "beautifully". From the moment he walked on stage and said "shukran" (thank you) to the last fading chord, Harper had Fez in the palm of his hand. His Moroccan t-shirt was hugely popular with the audience and his music even more so.

To the surprise of some, Ben Harper elected to do a mixed set - acoustic, soul, gospel, rock. What he delivered was perfect for the Fez Festival and confirmed why Harper is considered musical royalty in France. Yet there was no ego on display. When he ripped out a solo on slide or acoustic guitar, it was because the music demanded it, not the musician. more»