07.10.11 Show at the Festival d'été de Quebec

by zeshelter

Last friday night Ben and his band where playing at the Festival d'été in Quebec City. It was my sixth time seeing Ben live and must say was an "average" performance. Was it the mainstream audience, the technical issues??? Whatever it was, turn out to be a very uneven performance... Still love the band, next one will be amazing I'm sure.

07.07.11 Awesome close to the Ottawa Bluesfest show

by mdroberts1243

Really appreciated the covers of No Quarter and Ohio last night in Ottawa! Especially significant to me since Ohio was the first single I ever bought and Houses of the Holy was my first full album as a kid!

07.06.11 Concert in Toronto

by vekatoronto

Yesterday's concert in Toronto was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Does anybody know who is the guitarrist playing on far left side of the stage (not Moz)?
I just want to thank him very much for helping me when I fainted during the show...
Unfortunately my husband and myself missed the very end, but it was really a blast!!!
Won't miss any other concert!!!!