06.24.11 Is the UK out of favour?

by The Friendly Ghost

Aside from some appearances at Glastonbury, Hyde Park and alongside the RHCP's I can't recall Ben touring here in the UK as himslef as a headliner. There's no dates on the current tour (the UK is notably lacking flags).

I realise that Ben doesn't perhaps have the profile he has on the continent but when o when will we see him again??????

06.22.11 My new unofficial Ben Harper facebook fan page. Bensday

by Cincitymike

I just wanted everyone to join my unofficial Ben Harper fan page called Bensday!
And YES everyday is BENSDAY!!!
Please look it up and "like" it. Post video, pics, anything Ben. Share stories and just have fun spreading the love.

06.20.11 alone

by mustafa