05.20.11 He gave, but I hope it's not gone

by Big B

He did it again.
Give Till It's Gone is another example of a true artist - someone tapping into something that is so personal on one hand and so universal on the other - giving his fans something more special than just music.
With this album, he gives us insight into stories that are so personal that I feel almost like I shouldn't be listening.
I feel sadness with many of the best songs on this album, but also great joy because this is lasting music that 'gets it.'
And that's the thing, really -
Ben Harper might be personally going through tough times - I don't know. I won't pretend to.
If he is, and THIS is the album he gives us - something so truthful and pure that it's haunting - than I have to feel like it's FOR SOMETHING.
This is the burden that all great artists - especially the best musicians/vocalist/songwriters who provide a soundtrack to all of our lives - must bear. They must. It's essential.
So my question is -
Do they understand this?
Or do they just go out and do it and hurt and say 'fuck it' and go on being brilliant but torn?
I don't know - I will never know.
We, as fans, will never know.
And that's okay... more»

05.19.11 Live From XPN: Ben Harper In Concert at 2011 Non-COMMvention (Hear The Entire Set)

by kevin

Live From XPN: Ben Harper In Concert at 2011 Non-COMMvention (Hear The Entire Set)


Live Friday: Ben Harper In Concert:



See Full Story:


Set List
"Don't Give Up On Me Now"
"I Will Not Be Broken"
"Waiting On A Sign"
"Pray That Our Love Sees The Dawn"
"Rock N' RolI ls Free"
"Dirty Little Lover"
"Feel Love"

[34 min 52 sec]

05.19.11 Ben Harper On CBS's The Early Show

by kevin

Ben Harper On CBS's The Early Show

Ben Harper on CBS's The Early Show

Ben speaks to Erica Hill about his first solo CD in five years "Give Till It's Gone" and the inspiration for his song "Rock N' Roll Is Free" & performs "Rock N' Roll Is Free":




A Ben Harper inspiration: Neil Young
Opening for rock legend stirred Harper's creative juices; Ringo Starr, Jackson Browne appear on Harper's new album

(CBS News)
From slow ballads to hard-hitting rock, Ben Harper does it all.

An unmistakable voice and unique style have brought the singer-songwriter worldwide praise - and two Grammys. He's done classic collaborations with the likes of Pearl Jam and Jack Johnson, in modes from gospel, to rock, to R&B.

But it was opening for the legendary Neil Young that led to Harper's to his latest creation. more»