05.18.11 The old days.....

by mandms_2968698

Just got on here for the first time in a few years and noticed that it has me as only being a member since 2009. Wow, I remember communicating with fans and friends and posting poetry 11 years ago on the old Ben Harper page. I still remember going to a PJ show in South Carolina durning the No Code tour and being introduced to Ben Harpers music way back in 1996 while we were all fighting for our minds ,the monopoly Ticket Master, and Strom Thurmond. I just priced PJ tickets for the Alpine Valley show this year and tickets range in price from $73 to $1,455. Wow, really? Times sure have changed. I will be loading a bus and taking as many people to the show in Sioux City Iowa as I can to try and capture what we as a family used to experience before the Cadillac commercials and 20 thousand seat venue sellouts. When clubs were the best shows because of the intimate feel and close nature of the group who followed. I am looking forward to sparking one up 15 years later and slithering myself to the front of the crowd just to poke a glimpse of who this man and music has become. more»

05.18.11 Ogden Theatre

by coskimom

Anybody going?? We are so very blessed to have 2 nights with Ben at such a small venue, so fresh in the tour. See ya there..

05.18.11 Interview and live on RTL2 France

by marze


Video with interview and solo acoustic performance of "Feel Love" (min 04:04), "Morning Yearning" (19:36) and "Don't Give Up On Me Now" (38:17).
Funny narration of how he got his first record deal with Virgin towards the end!