11.23.14 Interview from Mass Appeal & Song Premiere

by kevin

Interview from Mass Appeal & Song Premiere

Mass Appeal has an interview with Ben & the premiere of a new song called 'Heart and Crown'. I think the song is the instrumental used at the beginning of the 'Gracias SKATEBOARDING volumen uno' DVD during the Rodney Mullen Intro. In the Gracias LA DVD credits the song is listed as 'String Idea No. 1'. Mass Appeal says the song is from the upcoming BHIC album. You can read the interview, hear the new song, & watch the Rodney Mullen part here:


Ben Harper Talks “Gracias,” Music, and Landing His 1st Kickflip at 40
Words by Mass Appeal / Monday, November 17th, 2014
Words by Cole Louison Photo by J. Garcia

11.22.14 Paramount Theater

by marsstarr32446

Paramount Theater

This is a photo of the Paramount Theater in Oakland where I first saw Ben Harper 7 years ago...more to come...

11.21.14 Fillmore or bust....

by erm2

Why does purchasing tickets have to suck so bad! Went through pre-sale.... didn't get them, went to general admission sales, pre registered, hit the purchase button 1000 times.... then the site locked up. Going to concerts these days is almost more trouble than it is worth. I liked it old school, where I could go down to a store, buy tickets, and talk to a human. My chances of actually getting tickets were much much greater!