05.12.11 North American Tour

by lod0418

No love for the south this year... not fun.

05.12.11 Bluesfest request

by Julie Beesley

Hey Ben,

I was blessed to attend the recent Byron Bluesfest, and your performance on Thursday night was mind-blowing. I was then ever so fortunate to run into you at the Ballina Airport the following Tuesday. I told you that you were the highlight of my festival, and we hugged and it was such a special moment and capped off an absolutely incredible 5 days brimming with legendary musical artists, such as your good self.

I was listening to iTunes Original-Ben Harper today, where you talked of your relentlessness in the recording studio, your unstoppable energy and your passion for music. You also said that you love discovering new music and that you listen to all kinds of music all the time.

I know this is a bit cheeky, but I was wondering if you could possibly do me a favour. My great mate Keren Minshell has just put out a CD and is seeking a wide range of feedback, as she wants to gauge which tracks are the most popular and most suitable for a single.

Keren was the lead singer of Australia's first ever dance band 'Euphoria' from the 1990's.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpaqt7tjcDE more»

05.11.11 Q&A: Ben Harper

by kevin

Q&A: Ben Harper


Q&A: Ben Harper Kathy McCabe From: National Features May 11, 2011

IT ONLY takes a pebble to bring down the roots-rock king, writes Kathy McCabe.
You pulled a bit of a surprise at Bluesfest. Everyone was expecting Relentless7 and you rocked up with the Innocent Criminals.

I was a bit surprised. I think there was a miscommunication because I had asked it to be billed just as "Ben Harper", so it could go either way.

Is that the same reason your new record Give Till It's Gone is credited as just a Ben Harper album?

Yeah, that's an offshoot of that. My first record on Virgin (EMI) was called Welcome To The Cruel World and this is my last EMI record. It just made sense to go out as I came in.

Why is it your last record with EMI?

It was a 10-record contract and I've made it to the end of that particular line.

Ten records in about 17 years, right?

Isn't that crazy?

You would be one of the very few artists in the world right now to have made 10 records with the one label.

In the blink of an eye, too. So quick. more»