05.11.11 Q&A: Ben Harper

by kevin

Q&A: Ben Harper


Q&A: Ben Harper Kathy McCabe From: National Features May 11, 2011

IT ONLY takes a pebble to bring down the roots-rock king, writes Kathy McCabe.
You pulled a bit of a surprise at Bluesfest. Everyone was expecting Relentless7 and you rocked up with the Innocent Criminals.

I was a bit surprised. I think there was a miscommunication because I had asked it to be billed just as "Ben Harper", so it could go either way.

Is that the same reason your new record Give Till It's Gone is credited as just a Ben Harper album?

Yeah, that's an offshoot of that. My first record on Virgin (EMI) was called Welcome To The Cruel World and this is my last EMI record. It just made sense to go out as I came in.

Why is it your last record with EMI?

It was a 10-record contract and I've made it to the end of that particular line.

Ten records in about 17 years, right?

Isn't that crazy?

You would be one of the very few artists in the world right now to have made 10 records with the one label.

In the blink of an eye, too. So quick. more»

05.10.11 Boston Show

by amyglidd65207

What happened to the Boston Tour date 9/30/11 that was on list yesterday but not today????????

05.10.11 michigan

by calgar991516

Why oh Why isn't Ben coming to Michgan???