04.16.11 Can someone help answer me a Q Please ??

by Trisha Chase

Does anyone know when & if Ben Harper will be having any live dates coming up in Canada? Whenever I've checked he seems to never pass through here.. Help please! Dying to know :)

04.16.11 Rolling Stone Video: Interview with Fistful of Mercy's Dhani Harrison

by kevin

Video: Fistful of Mercy's Dhani Harrison on Having Three Frontmen:


At the Coachella festival, Dhani Harrison talked to Rolling Stone about how much fun he's been having as a member of Fistful of Mercy, his band with songwriters Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur. "We don't always agree because it's three frontmen, but just kinda took our skateboards around America and just had a good laugh," he says. Harrison also discussed his ongoing collaborations with RZA, whom he befriended when the rapper wanted to use a sample from his father George's song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on a Wu-Tang Clan track.

POSTED: April 16, 9:35 AM ET | By Matthew Perpetua

04.15.11 No festival in New zealand

by pierre

So sad the festival will not show. I was so keen to see relentless7 i didn't see yet and in N.Z
I will take this late and follow fiew dates in USA in two years... I miss to see you on stage Ben, make me feel so good!!! I'mnot in France and so much tour dates... damned