10.19.10 Relix Interview with Fistful of Mercy

by kevin

Relix Interview with Fistful of Mercy


Talkin’ Shop in the Back Room with Fistful of Mercy

Published: 2010/10/19 by Tim Donnelly

The back rooms of record stores are sacred and vanquishing. They are not hallowed because they are on the edge of extinction and for anyone who has done time in a record store will tell you, it is where the real fun takes place, where the real conservations between connoisseurs are held, it is an exclusive club for lovers, fanatics and geeks.

In the back of a Jersey strip mall store named Vintage Vinyl, is a spot where the songs and the intellectual and societal debates live on through the fading band stickers and posters that adorn the cluttered walls.

It is where the members of Fistful of Mercy, Joseph Arthur, Dhani Harrison, Ben Harper and I form a circle, and like thousands of times before, we speak in the air of record store clerks of a time gone by about the how three solo artists formed a group, not because of money but for art’s sake. more»

10.16.10 All Around

by psylocke24

I love the way he plays an eclectic mix of blues, folk, reggae and rock music. He is a great musician can be in different genre that is why I call it "all around artist.

10.13.10 COME BACK

by marla

when is Ben coming back to Canada? winter is coming and it is too bleak to imagine with out a little of Ben's warmth to get us through.