11.01.10 Ben Harper talks Lakers on ESPN Podcast

by kevin

Ben Harper talks Lakers on ESPN Podcast

ESPNLA.com welcomes Grammy winning musician and super Lakers fan Ben Harper to discuss Lakers, music and skateboarding...




PodKast: Ben Harper talks Lakers

By Brian Kamenetzky

Throw a rock in this city, and you'll likely hit a famous person claiming to be a Lakers fan. Some are legit, some not so much. Saturday afternoon on ESPNLA.com On Air, Andy and I had the pleasure of welcoming two-time Grammy winner and Claremont native Ben Harper into the studio. He's a common sight around Staples Center, and we'd heard he had a true passion for the purple and gold. Still, you never know. Or we didn't, until he described the epiphany triggering his love for the Lakers: more»

10.26.10 Fistful of Mercy - Father's Son Video

by kevin

Fistful of Mercy - Father's Son Video

Fistful of Mercy Exclusive Video Premiere - Father's Son
from No Depression:


10.23.10 Napa Pairings

by velo77

I cant wait for the Napa Pairings, great food,wine, and music. Does it get any better than this?