11.10.10 CNN Interview with Fistful of Mercy

by kevin


Fistful of Mercy skates onto the music scene
By Denise Quan, CNN November 10, 2010

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Dhani Harrison cruises past the conference table on his skateboard and pops a trick in the corner of Hot Records -- the label founded by his father, the late Beatle George Harrison. A couple of minutes later, Joseph Arthur skates down the hall. Then Ben Harper walks in, a black-and-white board tucked under his arm.

So much for networking on a golf course.

The new trio Fistful of Mercy had its genesis at a Southern California skate park. Harrison, who fronts the indie band thenewno2, bumped into Harper -- then in the midst of working with his rock project, Relentless 7.

"When you're skateboarding, you don't really have time to socialize. It's more like trying not to hurt yourself," says Harrison. "We met again at Lollapalooza, and it was like, 'Oh hi, skateboard guy.' And we talked about doing some songs." more»

11.10.10 bummer!

by caroline

I saw you play in Adelaide (2005 I think) and it was truly the most amazing concert. Now I am back visiting Adelaide for 3 weeks and find out that I will miss you playing in the UK where I now am! It's a bummer and I just wanted to tell someone!!
Caroline x

11.02.10 Desperate for Napa tix!

by MitchZ

This show sounds amazing. I was going to surprise a friend with tix, then found out it's sold out. If you've got extras, I'll buy them!