08.23.10 Ben Harper & French singer Mylène Farmer have recorded a duet, it's the INXS song 'Never Tear Us Apart'

by kevin


"Indeed, the record company "Universal Music France has confirmed that Mylène Farmer has recorded a cover of Australian band, 'Never Tear Us Apart" with the American singer Ben Harper."

According to information listed on the net, the song is interpreted in both French and English, Mylene is the only French artist to sing on this album..."

Here is another link with some more info:


08.18.10 Luvs Ben

by Rhonda_Burke

Luvs Ben

I listen to disc 2 of Live from Mars every night...nothing better than Ben singing us to sleep --- luv u Ben ;)

08.16.10 Cd's & Posters

by prateball

Hi everyone,

I am redoing a guest bedroom for my house and the theme is going to be concerts that I have attended. I have been to two Ben Harper concerts so, I am looking for a poster from one of these concerts. The first concert was on June 10th 2007. I realize that this was some time ago, but I was wondering if anyone had a copy of this cd, I would love to buy a copy of it and second. Would anyone have a concert photo from that night that they would sell. The second concert was last May in Chicago at the Vic Theater. If anyone happens to have a concert poster from this night as well, I would love to buy it. You can email me at mprater01@yahoo.com