07.06.10 Ben Harper singing 'Never Tear Us Apart' on upcoming INXS album

by kevin

I had posted a while back that Ben would be singing 'Devil Inside' with INXS on their upcoming album, but according to this article he will now be singing 'Never Tear Us Apart'. I like the song 'Never Tear Us Apart' better than 'Devil Inside', but I want to hear both. Hopefully they will still release Ben's version of 'Devil Inside' as a bonus track or b-side. Here is the article & a link:


Ben Harper Joins INXS
Chris E Leigh 7 July, 2010 - 10:50 AM

Ben Harper will be stepping in for the mighty Michael Hutchence on INXS' brand new, star-studded 'covers' album.

The band's first record in five years is a re-imagining of their classic hits with new arrangements and singers.

Harper was originally slated for INXS classic 'Devil Inside,' but Harper's heart-wrenching performance on 'Never Tear Us Apart' has been confirmed as the final cut to appear on the album, out later this year. more»

07.04.10 Luxemburg

by Duccer

Really looking forward to seeing you guys play this evening in Lux! About to leave on my 300 km trip to the concert!! c y'all there!!

06.06.10 smile with your eyes brothaman

by diamondsontheinside

smile with your eyes brothaman

I just want to thank Ben Harper for opening my eyes to a whole new level of music.

I've been listening for 5 years now and the way his music makes me feel is indescribable.

Meeting him was the most memorable and inspirational moment of my life. I'm honored to have had the chance to meet him and tell him how much the music means to me. It was a wonderful evening and life-changing show. I'd like to thank him for taking the time to actually talk with me. Genuinely a humble guy, there's a fire in those eyes like nothing I have ever seen.

Talented, incredible, and kind.

Respect the music.