05.29.10 Aptos Village Park

by fight4mind

It was an awesome show. I have waited 3 continents and 15 years to catch a show and they end up playing in my back yard.
Doesn't get better than that.

05.28.10 Santa Cruz Blues Fest Request!!! No Body's Fault but Mine.

by epsilion

Hey Ben, I know you like doing your own thing but as a fan I would love to hear you play "No Body's Fault but mine" from the please bleed single. yes i know your library deep, and thought that was a most excellent blues festival song and awesome to have recorded.

maybe jimi's "remember" too? :) :) :)

see you saturday

05.22.10 HOB - Orlando

by Saint123


Thanks for another great show!

When I first heard you about 10-years ago, I just thought... "wow." A few years later you did the concert/dvd with The Blind Boys of Alabama and I was blown away again. Didn't know I could like gospel/blues/soul music so much.

When I saw you were coming to Orlando with Relentless 7 I was a bit disappointed it was not going to be with the Innocent Criminals, but wouldn't miss a chance to see you live, and was blown away again. It was a great show.

I hope you stay inspired and motivated to put out new music for a long time, as I look forward to it all.