05.22.10 HOB - Orlando

by Saint123


Thanks for another great show!

When I first heard you about 10-years ago, I just thought... "wow." A few years later you did the concert/dvd with The Blind Boys of Alabama and I was blown away again. Didn't know I could like gospel/blues/soul music so much.

When I saw you were coming to Orlando with Relentless 7 I was a bit disappointed it was not going to be with the Innocent Criminals, but wouldn't miss a chance to see you live, and was blown away again. It was a great show.

I hope you stay inspired and motivated to put out new music for a long time, as I look forward to it all.



05.19.10 Weighted

by Whisperwillowgirl


You had come to me in my sleep,

I rolled over; turned to look at you.

I Waited, but you did not speak.

I could tell by your look, "my lover"

That hug you gave me when you came.

Was just to say "let go... this is over"

When the day grew bright with sun.

I frowned; remembering that you had come.

"as I had wished you would"

But now I know by your silence; with your hug.

"that we are done"

In this new day; with a heavy heart and my trial.

I wake; rise and I shall seek you no more.

For I knew along tis' true. Though I waited all the while.

"I still miss you lover, but now..... I can smile"

Joni B. This AM 2010

05.15.10 4/27/2010

by Adyn11707

Was anyone at the 4-27-2010 show in Myrtle Beach,SC at The House of Blues? It was my birthday and I got on stage with Ben and he sang Happy Birthday to me. Does anybody have this recorded? Audio or Video? It is a memory I will treasure for the rest of my life...