04.15.10 Athens Ticket for slae

by theshakey1

Anybody need one ticket for the Athens, OH show? It's a good seat.


04.14.10 PHISH IN 3D!!!!

by SuzyGreenberg

Anyone still listening to Phish these days? If you still have a place in your heart for the band, I highly suggest you go and check out Phish 3D, playing in movie Theaters for ONE WEEK ONLY starting on April 30th. The footage will be incredible and you can re-live your past Phish experiences right in the comfort of your local theater. Check out the trailer here http://bit.ly/Phish3DMovie and go to http://www.phish3dmovie.com for more details and to buy tickets!

04.08.10 NEW Unofficial Forums

by mojoecanadian

NEW Unofficial Forums

In the unfortunate absence of the "forums" section of benharper.com, I've created an unofficial forum for us to meet, discuss and share. Please visit http://bhra.forumandco.com and join! After you've joined, invite every BH, BHIC and BHR7 fan you know. Then, start posting new topics so we can start filing the new site with content.

"We've all got stardust in our bones."