07.17.13 Shepherds Bush concert

by charlotte.e.hodgson

I saw Ben live last night (first time) at Shepherds Bush Empire. Absolutely amazing on every level. His lyrics are poignant and carefully crafted, his musicianship is first class and his voice has incredible range and emotion. On top of that, he is also incredibly nice to look at! He is truly blessed.

Charlie was also equally inspirational; a real warmth radiated from him and he really looked like he was enjoying the show.

I only wish it could have been longer, as I would like to have heard more songs and different genres to experience the full range of Ben's voice.... Still, it's good to be left wanting more and I will definitely see him again the next time he plays in the UK.

07.16.13 Paradiso Amsterdam Show

by anico

Hi Ben please come back soon to the Netherlands for a full show instead of festival like North Sea Jazz... Amsterdam ....paradiso is waiting for you and so am I

07.15.13 Happy birthday to me

by Kaleo Hano

Happy birthday to me

Posting blogs goes to just my site right? Or is there another purpose behind this account. Some places confuse me a bit.

If there's a problem- please let me know through email...otherwise it would be so nice to keep updating here.

As an online author- it's like living in an unseen village. I prefer to go to the person's house I am talking about- the way I do with my friends in real life. That way history has been recorded on their timeline. Protected entries are so preferred

Then as the story evolves- I come to their house to find the story. Not keep mine a mess.

Kaleo Kaleo...at first he was twins with Kenye- who is Jada Pinkett Smith. But....she kinda loud- I could never really see those 2 in utero together. So I turned him Tongan. Tonga in the real world is where time begins. Each and Every Day.

The picture is a real one of Kanye. Maybe I'll name his character Ben. Ahh. I love my life. Crazy and proud of it.


Love always,