04.07.10 4/15 NIU tickets available GOOD SEATS

by ognay

Hey Ben fans, I purchased two tickets to the 4/15 show in Dekalb, IL at NIU Convocation Center. Unfortunately, I can't go due to doctor's orders. I'm pregnant and would be driving 7 hours, which is not good for my sciatic pain. I'm very bummed about it but am hoping to pass these on. I purchased them at presale, so the tickets are under my name at will call. I can call and change the name up to 3 days before the show. I purchased them for $93.20, and would want that, plus whatever fee it costs for the paypal transfer (I believe it's a couple bucks). Great seats:
Section FLR 2, Row F, Seats (11, 12). Anyone interested, e-mail me at ognay@hotmail.com

04.04.10 Grace Woodroofe's 'HANDLED' EP, Produced by BEN HARPER, available on iTunes

by kevin

Grace Woodroofe's 'HANDLED' EP, Produced by BEN HARPER, available on iTunes


Grace Woodroofe

Two tracks from the upcoming debut of Grace Woodroofe have been released on iTunes and are ready for the public to finally get there hands on!


001. "I've Handled Myself Wrong"
002. "H."

These are available to purchase at:


Also look out for the limited edition 7inch record of 'HANDLED' EP
Which will be sold at all upcoming shows.

All songs written by Grace Woodroofe
Produced by BEN HARPER


Sneak Peak into Studio Session

Season 1 Ep. 3: Ben Harper pt 3: Producing Grace Woodroofe: Embedded:



Ben Harper & Relentless7 back Grace Woodroofe:



04.01.10 Travel Mates for 4/15 at NIU

by potatostyx

Is there anyone from northeast Iowa wanting to carpool to the 4/15 show at NIU. My wife and I want to go but we have to make it a quick trip and return that evening. If anyone in the waterloo/cedar falls area wants to go let me know.