01.11.10 Ben & Relentless7 backing up Ringo Starr on upcoming television appearances (list of shows & dates)

by kevin


Make sure to tune in and catch Ringo on this promotional tour to support Y NOT, backed for these special appearances by Ben Harper and Relentless7.

Jan 12 The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon
Jan 13 The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Jan 18 The Jay Leno Show
Jan 19 Grammy Music Series
Jan 20 Rockline Radio
Jan 21 Larry King Live (broadcast date either 21 or 22)
Feb 5 The Tonight Show with Conan O Brien

01.09.10 Australian & New Zealand Bootlegs

by rove

Australian & New Zealand Bootlegs

I recently stumbled across a blog containing recordings of each of R7's shows in both Australia & New Zealand.


Please leave a comment of thanks, the taper did a truly fantastic job!

Know of any other tapes and alternative sources for the recent tour of AU/NZ? Please feel free to leave links and tips in the comments.


01.08.10 Crazy Dream

by aaronmannes

So I had the craziest dream last night. I was at a coffee shop in Middletown Connecticut. And Ben Harper was waiting tables on the side to make a little extra money, and connect with people to aid in his writing. I was in awe... We we sat and talked for a while and he ended up telling me to send him a demo "throw me the hook and Ill see what i can do" as he said. And then he left. What a cool weird dream!

Cant wait for the things to come.