10.14.09 Ben solo video

by Pants

Quite a while back right when the whole R7 venture was announced someone posted a link to a vieo of Ben performing, what I think was, Up To You Now solo acoustic (I believe it might have been the first time it was played). Does anyone know where I can find it. I've scoured YouTube but not had much luck (possibly because it wasn't named at the time or it may even have been another song entirely).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



10.12.09 Back from the road

by moderator

just dropping a quick line to say to hi to everyone i ran into on the Pearl Jam / Relentless7 tour. this could have been one of the best tours ever. for real!

anyway i got good footage from the shows, and we're planning on dropping some really cool stuff on the site to shake things up a bit.

i picked up a nasty cold bug on the road, so i am keeping this short. talk to you soon.


10.12.09 life changing

by paul barrington

Ben harper, some people dont know of you, or have never heard of your music , and these people i feel incredibly sorry for. Your music has been a soundtrack of my life for many years, when i first started travelling and surfing and was givin an old tape by a french guy. it didnt have a name on it and he didnt know who it was, but i listened to that tape a thousand times. (it turned out it was " welcombe to the cruel world" ) i eventually discovered who sung those incredible soul searching songs and scince that day have treated your music as a religion. more»