03.13.10 Hard Rock Calling 2010

by JasminV

Am so excited! How amazing is Hard Rock Calling going to be with Pearl Jam and Ben Harper playing?
Can't wait!!

03.09.10 Fantastic Live Album

by Alien Amigo

Fantastic Live Album

I've just recieved my 'pre-order download', and " holy s***! It's just fantastic". The sound, and energy reminds me of the early Led Zeppelin stuff (and I'm a Led Zep freak). I've always loved Ben Harpers music, but I've been a little sceptic about the "new" line-up, not expieriencing 'em live, and ... (I still love The Innocent Criminals). But the songs from WLFDT sounds just amazing live. I can't wait to see R7 live.

Enjoy life!

03.09.10 HULU

by spike3017956

What about us fans in the rest of the world who can't view Hulu?? I guess we don't count....disappointed!