01.08.10 Crazy Dream

by aaronmannes

So I had the craziest dream last night. I was at a coffee shop in Middletown Connecticut. And Ben Harper was waiting tables on the side to make a little extra money, and connect with people to aid in his writing. I was in awe... We we sat and talked for a while and he ended up telling me to send him a demo "throw me the hook and Ill see what i can do" as he said. And then he left. What a cool weird dream!

Cant wait for the things to come.

12.27.09 HI! I am new italian fan

by pippo

I am a new italian fan. I don't speak very well English...
I like music and words of Ben Harper.

I am your fan since 2000 and I have been at your concert tour in Rome:
Thanks for your music!



12.10.09 Interview with Ben's #2 Fan - Peter Harper

by panelphonic

Interview with Ben's #2 Fan - Peter Harper

Aside the obvious facial resemblance, Peter Harper, Ben's brother actually has a very different personality than Ben. Peter, a visual artist, bronze sculptor. Ben, a musician. But they are both lover of art and music, Peter confesses that he's the number 2 fan of Ben, after Ben's number 1 fan, his mother.

Check out an interview that I did with Peter here: http://wearepanel.com/2009/12/09/peter-harper/