10.21.09 Relentless7 Track on House M.D.

by rove

Faithfully Remain was on the recent episode of Fox's House M.D. episode titled 'Brave Heart'

10.16.09 Come back to Berlin

by Dov

hey ben, crew and fans!
ive left home in melbs and i neeeeed to see u guys again! Ive moved to berlin and missed you guys in June...will u come back soon (anyone know)? :)

10.14.09 Ben solo video

by Pants

Quite a while back right when the whole R7 venture was announced someone posted a link to a vieo of Ben performing, what I think was, Up To You Now solo acoustic (I believe it might have been the first time it was played). Does anyone know where I can find it. I've scoured YouTube but not had much luck (possibly because it wasn't named at the time or it may even have been another song entirely).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.