09.30.09 Is it Ben Harper's SNS?

by tajima harco

I joined though it seemed that it took time until I used this community.

09.30.09 R7 Health Show

by Big B

I'd love to see Ben Harper & Relentless7 headline a rally/tour/show that promotes health care for everyone.

My guess is that Sheryl Crow, Eddie Vedder, Jack Johnson - people like this - all care about seeing everyone in the United States of America covered with medical insurance. I'm sure that they care about EVERYONE.

The music world needs to voice their opinion about this. The people will lead... but they need to be heard. And, the musicians need to be their voice.

Call it the Health Show. Get out and do it! I'll be there!

09.30.09 My faith in music is restored

by suncloudmusic

I went to see Pearl Jam here in Salt Lake. Ben & the R7's were opening up. I've heard of Ben, but never their music. All of a sudden this thundering rhythm kicks in and I'm thinking "nice". Then, everything began flowing together, more and more the sound creeps into my body til I couldn't hold back swaying back and forth. Then, Ben kicks in...

Within a matter of minutes my faith in music was restored. more»