07.04.13 Let Freedom Ring

by Kaleo Hano

Let Freedom Ring

For those with time: Kaleo is the name of the character in Mayan (2 many times by now duh) novel CHILDREN OF LIGHT SERIES. He represents Ben Harper and how his words have shaped the peaceful global movement in our world today. A gift for America's birthday- I wanted to share as an author how his role is evolving. I am huge on holidays and woke up with that awareness that the wolf energy is guiding the open communication to merge the world of the unseen with the seen. In the Apache (AZ)- Inuit(Alaskan)- Mohawk(NY) Navajo (4 corners) etc: something BIG is going on! In the Real I have a friend named Red Cloud (Ute) and he told me about his mental travels while meditating. He walks around in spirit to places such as visiting his daughters while they sit on the couch etc. I (Lucy D Skye) have been through a walk or two myself. Long Story. oh yes- jumping is real.

WAITING ON A SIGN (Give til its gone 2011)

a mother's only happy as her saddest child
to learn to live without can take a while
and it's a long way back to anywhere
and it's not too late but it's getting there

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06.16.13 Ben featured on Jack Johnson's upcoming album

by kevin

Ben featured on Jack Johnson's upcoming album

In an interview from Bonnaroo, with Billboard, Jack Johnson says Ben appears on his upcoming album. From what Jack says it sounds like Ben sings & plays weissenborn on 1 song. Jack also talked about his history with Ben. Here's a link to the interview (Jack starts talking about Ben a couple of minutes in):


The album is called 'From Here To Now To You' & will be released on September 17. iTunes & Amazon already have it available for pre-order here:


& here:


06.16.13 Fistful of Mercy update from Joseph Arthur

by kevin

Fistful of Mercy update from Joseph Arthur

According to Joseph Arthur, Fistful of Mercy have recorded one song & hope to record a full album. Here are the quotes from Joseph & links to the full interviews:


Fistful of Mercy, meanwhile, also has plans. "We've been in the studio and recorded one more track recently," featuring Jim Keltner on drums and Gillian Welch on bass. "We [FOM] are going to try to make a record I think, hopefully. I want to. it's hard to get all of us together in the same city in the same schedule ready to go because everybody is so busy. but the vibe is good for us to do that."


Then with Ben and Dhani it’s more focused on us singing harmonies together, mostly acoustic but with harmony. It became more about singing, being in a singing group.

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