07.15.13 Happy birthday to me

by Kaleo Hano

Happy birthday to me

Posting blogs goes to just my site right? Or is there another purpose behind this account. Some places confuse me a bit.

If there's a problem- please let me know through email...otherwise it would be so nice to keep updating here.

As an online author- it's like living in an unseen village. I prefer to go to the person's house I am talking about- the way I do with my friends in real life. That way history has been recorded on their timeline. Protected entries are so preferred

Then as the story evolves- I come to their house to find the story. Not keep mine a mess.

Kaleo Kaleo...at first he was twins with Kenye- who is Jada Pinkett Smith. But....she kinda loud- I could never really see those 2 in utero together. So I turned him Tongan. Tonga in the real world is where time begins. Each and Every Day.

The picture is a real one of Kanye. Maybe I'll name his character Ben. Ahh. I love my life. Crazy and proud of it.


Love always,


07.14.13 Regards from Turkey.

by Meggywide


First of all, I'm glad to know, listen and love your songs; lyrics and music. The first time, i listen to your album "Both Sides of the Gun" four years ago, and now i'm here to write this. its so hard, oh actually impossible to find your works in Turkey :), but i just wanna get all of 'em, just order the last one, and the others coming soon, you are a good, a good! man, your music so, so inspring... I dig your tunes. Please, please keep playing!

Oh, and btw, i just wonder something, my favorite of yours is "Roses from my Friends", it has very different spirit, yeah spirit, it just takes me and... But, i just read something on some blogs in Turkey, some says this song is inspired by "Pir Sultan Abdal", since he has some words just like yours in the song i mentioned, and also in the same album "Faded", is this "saz or baglama" you playin'? I'm not sure it's the correct place to ask this, and to wait an answer, but i'm just trying, if it can be replied by you, i would be really appreciated, and happy.


from far far away, Turkey.

07.04.13 Let Freedom Ring

by Kaleo Hano

Let Freedom Ring

For those with time: Kaleo is the name of the character in Mayan (2 many times by now duh) novel CHILDREN OF LIGHT SERIES. He represents Ben Harper and how his words have shaped the peaceful global movement in our world today. A gift for America's birthday- I wanted to share as an author how his role is evolving. I am huge on holidays and woke up with that awareness that the wolf energy is guiding the open communication to merge the world of the unseen with the seen. In the Apache (AZ)- Inuit(Alaskan)- Mohawk(NY) Navajo (4 corners) etc: something BIG is going on! In the Real I have a friend named Red Cloud (Ute) and he told me about his mental travels while meditating. He walks around in spirit to places such as visiting his daughters while they sit on the couch etc. I (Lucy D Skye) have been through a walk or two myself. Long Story. oh yes- jumping is real.

WAITING ON A SIGN (Give til its gone 2011)

a mother's only happy as her saddest child
to learn to live without can take a while
and it's a long way back to anywhere
and it's not too late but it's getting there

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