05.08.14 Interviews & Upcoming TV/Radio Appearances

by kevin

Interviews & Upcoming TV/Radio Appearances

Shore Fire Media has a list of Ben & Ellen's upcoming radio & television appearances:


Friday May 9
MSNBC All In with Chris Hayes
WXPN's World Cafe

Saturday May 10
CBS Saturday Morning will air a performance and interview recently taped at the family's Folk Music Center in Claremont, California.
NPR's Weekend Edition interview


& on Sunday "SiriusXM’s Coffee House is celebrating Mother’s Day with a special edition of Coffee House Live with Ben Harper and his mom, Ellen Harper". Here's the link for info on that program:



Here's the link to an interview with Ben & Ellen from Radio.com:


& an interview from Southern California Public Radio:


& here's an interview from the Austrailian Today Show:


05.06.14 Ben & Ellen's WFUV Performance & Interview

by kevin

Ben & Ellen's WFUV Performance & Interview

WFUV has posted the audio of Ben & Ellen's recent performance & interview on FUV Live, videos of their performances of 'A House Is A Home', Learn It All Again Tomorrow', & 'Farmer's Daughter', & photos from the session which was recorded on April 22. You can check it all out here:


05.06.14 Ben & Ellen on World Cafe Friday 5/9

by kevin

Ben & Ellen on World Cafe Friday 5/9

Ben & Ellen will be on WXPN's World Cafe hosted by David Dye on Friday, May 9th. You can read about it here: